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People land on this site for many reasons. Some are trying to research the Marauder before they purchase, others are upgrading and tuning, and some are trying to solve problems they may of encountered with their Marauders. That is why I created this forum.

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So... You don't think airguns can be as accurate as firearms?

I can prove your wrong...

Watch this video of me shooting at steel silhouette targets placed 109 yards away with a .25 Marauder.  I was just messing around and rushing my shots.  When you watch the video you will see me hit  and easily knock down 5 of the 8 steel silhouette targets.  The marauder .25 only has a 8 shot magazine, where the .177 and .22 have 10-shot magazines.

And that was from a Unmodified .25 Marauder

The sad reality is, not all Benjamin Marauders shoot that well out of the box.

The power and synergy of a forum

Luckily, we have this awesome group of people from all over the world who together form this big collective knowledge base.  Some people are here to troubleshoot, and some are here to innovate and push the boundaries of speed and power.

Now the sky is the limit with a Marauder

Some really cool things have evolved to make the Marauder air gun a popular platform, that can be tweaked and tuned. Now with a little effort on your part it is easy to tune the marauder for maximum shot count, or hopped up in power all the way to 100 foot-pounds of energy (with the .25).

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Special thanks to all the Marauder Forum Members that helped make this possible, through collaboration and innovation.

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Tuning guides have been written by some pretty respected guys in the air gun community. They help explain tuning the Marauder in much more detail than the owner's manual.

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After Market Performance Parts

Aftermarket parts can make your marauder shoot smoother and perform better. They have parts that stop the ping, and stuff to make the marauder even quieter. When it comes to performance some of the parts will give you more power, more consistent shots per fill. Now you don't have to scour the internet searching for the best parts, because we let the vendors sell them right here for a one stop marauder shop.

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The forum has a ton of resources to help you along the way. You will find troubleshooting tips, advice, reviews, and discussions. On many topics related to the marauder air guns including optics, fill equipment, airgun events, and more.

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  • Re: What did you do to your P-rod today April 25, 2015
    I had the pin in correctly. I'm going to play with it some more today.CG3
  • Re: WTB .25 Barrel Gen 1 Preffered. April 25, 2015
    RayK wrote:Michael, are you converting your P-rod to 25 calilber too?RayMaybe. I'm thinking about it! Actually I have an LW .22 in it's future! But it may go both ways!!!
  • Re: What did you do to your P-rod today April 25, 2015
    I thought of mine that's sitting on the back seat of my truck, but shot the big Synrod
  • Re: surprising power from synrod .25 April 25, 2015
    Yep. And I've found you have to be careful because none of the critters I shoot will stop the pellet. Even head shots are pass-through. So always be aware of what is behind your target Crusher
  • Re: WTB .25 Barrel Gen 1 Preffered. April 25, 2015
    Michael, are you converting your P-rod to 25 calilber too?Ray
  • Re: Shoebox making weird noise April 25, 2015
    The rebuild kit worked. I am going to say the top cylinder O ring at the one way valve blew and was not keeping enough pressure to keep the upper piston from bottoming out or working freely causing it to make the louder clanking noise. I have been sitting here for an hour listening to […]
  • Re: ShoeBox Max show and tell. April 25, 2015
    Thats what I hear, thanks. I just talked to him last week. Seems to know his stuff.
  • WTB .25 Barrel Gen 1 Preffered. April 25, 2015
    Looking for a Barrel for a Project. Preffer a used straight shooter as opposed to cutting up a virgin.Thanks!!
  • Re: What did you do to your P-rod today April 25, 2015
    chipgibbs wrote:Got a WAR No Bounce Hammer (blem) and couldn't make it work. I tried the WAR video instructions for polishing the tube and removing the sharp edges around the sear & bolt openings. I polished the NBH, tried several different lubes... It seems to be galling when trying to cock. Kinda like the hammer […]
  • Re: Finally got a WAR valve! April 25, 2015
    Get th NBH and a 10 or 12 pound spring that will quiet it down someBob