Forum Rules

June 2014, after several years of being lax on the forum rules, we need to create some better ones, and they will go here.

Forum User Conduct Rules:

1. The ruling authorities of the Marauder Air Rifle Forum are the  administrators and moderators.

2. No foul or insulting language, racial slurs or pornography.

3. Be civil and respectful.

4. Do not be a troll, ie. do not attempt to incite or draw in other members for the purpose of argument, degradation of character or to inflame members into an emotional response.

5. Graphic pictures of dead critters go in the “Hunting” sub-forum only.

6. Buy/Sell sub-forum is for private transactions only, no commercial or vendor listings. All transactions are at the sellers and buyers own risk.

7. No hyper links or redirects to other websites allowed in registered members signature lines unless you are a registered dealer.

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances will the Marauder Air Rifle Forum be responsible for any liability resulting from the use or misuse of the information posted on this website. Use of this website is at the users own risk.


Forum Dealer Conduct Rules.

A “Dealer” is someone who is engaged in commerce ie. someone who manufactures or sells products or services to a consumer.

1. All dealers must be registered with the forum.

2. Dealer advertising can only be posted in the “Dealer” sub-forum.

3. Dealers may respond to posts that pertain to their products, but not for the sole purpose of selling their product. Technical information, the use of products and related products is allowed.

4. Competing dealers shall not engage in defamatory arguments or dialogue.