Can't decide

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Can't decide

Postby mrb02334 » Sun May 12, 2013 7:54 pm

I thinking of getting either a Discovery or a Marauder. I'm going to be using CO2 most of the time, so hpa is not my prime interest. However I do have my scuba tanks from when I used to dive. My main interest is in target shooting, paper and steel targets. I know that the Disco has trigger issues and the mrod has a good trigger. However is it worth the extra money, for my intended use?
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Re: Can't decide

Postby Ahab » Mon May 13, 2013 7:21 am

The Marauder tends to be heavy but if your shooting off a bench its no problem. The Disco is very handy, accurate, and for me the trigger was a non issue as I did the two screw mod with the brass trgger. Even more handy and remarkable is the Marauder pistol with the shoulderstock which makes into a great carbine and it too is very accurate. ;) ;) ;)
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Re: Can't decide

Postby shultz » Mon May 13, 2013 5:17 pm

I have both, if I were only to have ONE then it would be the Marauder.

I bought the discovery as my first PCP, it came with the pump so all I needed was some pellets and a target. I soon realized how LOUD it was for backyard shooting, TKO solved this for $45 for the Stage V muzzle brake. Then I wanted to work the trigger, first was a lighter return spring and the "3 screw" mod, not bad but the addition of a byran brass trigger made it much sweeter for another $26. I made my own power adjuster using parts I had on hand, only cost me some time. So, I have a little over $440 into my Discovery at this point... you can get a Marauder for that ;)

Since you have the Scuba tank all you need is the fill set up, I got mine from Ebay for $25 shipped... it's proven to work just fine and build quality is good, the included fill hose was 36" so I replaced that with a shorter 12" hose to avoid extra air loss during bleed-off. The Marauder is a much nicer gun out of the box than the discovery, it is heavier but for bench shooting that's a + in my book. The trigger is nice out of the box, a little adjusting and polishing will give you a GREAT trigger. the shroud makes the marauder nice and quiet. tuning the marauder it is not all that hard if you have a chrony, you really need a chrony with either gun, if for nothing else than setting fill pressure.

I really enjoy shooting my discovery, I don't mind the single shot and with some mods it's a real sweet gun... having said that I kinda wish I would have went Marauder from the start! If you do go Discovery I'd consider getting the gun without the pump, they can be had for $260 without pump.

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Re: Can't decide

Postby bstaley » Mon May 13, 2013 8:56 pm

Best of both worlds? ... challenger

Pretty good price.
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Re: Can't decide

Postby hanleyfan » Thu May 16, 2013 10:05 am

I too had to make a decision between the maraurder and the Discovery, I chose the Discovery because it is lighter. after I got it I just did not like the noise and the single shot limitation and found this option I will highly recommend for the Discovery, DiscosRUS sells a shroud and baffles and a multi-breech that takes the marauder 10 round magazine for 230.00. very easy to install and it made the Discovery a whole different gun, It went for sounding like a 22 rimfire to a quite whisper, the impact of the pellet is louder than the report of the gun, also I can use the 10 round magazine that the marauder uses very nice, The bolt can be set up for right hand or left hand shooter. I am very very happy with this set up. this is what I have in it. 260.00 for gun plus 230.00 for multi-breech and shroud for a total of 490.00. It is lighter than the marauder and handier and looks a lot better than the stock gun.
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Re: Can't decide

Postby RatRacer » Fri May 17, 2013 7:35 am

I took the same route as hanleyfan.
I sold my accurate .22 marauder due to it's weight/balance during extended offhanded shotting sessions. I bought a refurbed .22 Disco for under $200, and outfitted it with a BNM Custom Airguns breech and shroud (same as Discos-R-Us), plus his hammer spring/degasser power adjuster, and a Discos-R-Us FT stock.
The Disco is actually simpler for a back and forth use for Co2 & HPA, as it has only one adjustment to worry about, the hammer spring. M-rod has 3: hammer spring, hammer stroke, and adjustable transfer port. Also, the Disco is a 2K hpa fill (@135 cc's)vs. the 3K of the M-rod (@215cc's), so you'll get more fills from your scuba tank, and bulk Co2. If you find your air capacity is lacking, there is a double tube kit also available from Airgun Labs, that will double your air, and still keep the weight down.

Quantum unkown caveat: Crosman is releasing a revised, lighter Marauder in a month or 2. Published M-rod weight is 7.15lbs, mine actually weighed 8.6lbs(unscoped), so YMMV.
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