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Casting .25 pellets with Ranchdog .25 acp mold

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Casting .25 pellets with Ranchdog .25 acp mold

Postby golddredger » Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:47 pm

I have been searching for a mold to cast some pellets. I have seen the swaging and I really do not want to go that route. I already cast a bunch for my powder burners and I been doing it for years. I have lots of practice so I am good to go in the casting area. I am looking at buying the Ranch dog .25 ACP mold. It drops Lyman #2 lead at .256 OD. I can get a lee sizer or machine a push through at .254 if need be. Most of my pellets are measuring at .254. I need to slug my barrel and see if the .256 will fit nice. The bullets would drop at 49 grains. However I have the Forster case trimmer with the Hollow point kit allowing you to very quickly make a hollow point in any lead round. I can also add a cup to the rear of the pellet as well. I would like to hit 30 to 35 grains when done. This should be easy to do. I see the Mr. hollow point round and the Crossman Nosler rounds but the price of those is way up there when I could cast 100's of these for only a couple of dollars. Here is a link to the mold it is a 6 cavity so it will cast plenty fast. I cast 9mm in a lee 6 cavity mold and I can crank out 300 rounds an hour. So I would like to hear any comments you might have on this subject.

Link to the mold.
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Re: Casting .25 pellets with Ranchdog .25 acp mold

Postby dyslexic-dancer » Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:27 am

I might be willing to give this a try,

I roll my own .300 whisper boolits (FN 247gr) and .458 Socom bloolits (405gr RNFP) out of used wheel weights

I recently bought a .25cal Mrod , may as well cast my own pellets to see if I can get a good amount of accuracy from them.

Keep in touch with your .25cal casts and let me know how the shoot
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