More quiet shroud DIY

DIY Modifications to the Benjamin Marauder, like Depingers, bolt handles, etc.
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More quiet shroud DIY

Postby blackhawk » Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:22 pm

To improve the shroud performance, I made the internal sound structure, modifying from Sparrow22 for .22cal 27 x 129mm (sound reduction: 41dB by Mfr).
The noise reduction is extremely good at 74dB.
The below is the typical noise reduction designs; Type A is same as Marauder shroud; Type B is ACC Titan style (sound reduction: 35-38dB by Mfr); Type C is Thundertrap style (sound reduction: over 30dB by Mfr) ; Type D is low-end Airsoft style.

Note: This is for sound reduction study purpose only.
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