Anyone using the Hill regulator/valve/hammer combo?

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Anyone using the Hill regulator/valve/hammer combo?

Postby JohnL57 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:49 am

I have a .25 Gen 1 and would like more shots. I ran across the Hill website and got interested in their Regulator/valve/hammer combo.
Almost sounds too good to be true, I'm wondering if there are any users out there with real world feedback. It's not an inexpensive mod, but I'd go for it if it really works that well. The kit does come with an enlarged transfer port.
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Re: Anyone using the Hill regulator/valve/hammer combo?

Postby 22synrodn » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:44 pm

Yes, it is a pretty good setup Hill offers. I don't like the anodized aluminum hammer though for longevity sakes, but I have never owned one either. I have used the Hill valve and gauge port combo along with his 6lb valve spring and the high flow transfer port out of his kit. I used a Rocker1 32 gram MDS hammer instead along with a TSS from Air rifle Technologies and a Huma regulator to complete my mods.

Looking at some of my recorded strings with this Hill valve setup, I was able to get 43 shots using the JSB kings. The ES was 4.0% (35 fps spread) and the average FPE was 40.65 with the Huma set at 1850 psi.

I ran another string with the JSB kings and got a 1.98% ES (17 fps spread) for 35 shots averaging 41.03 FPE with the reg set at 1800 psi. Both of these strings were on a 3200 psi fill.

I have two strings I recorded using the Hill valve and the JSB MKIIs. On the first one I got 22 shots with an ES of 0.98% (8 fps spread) averaging 50.09 FPE on a 3100 psi fill with the reg set on 2000 psi. On the second one I got 25 shots with an ES of 1.11% (9 fps spread) averaging 49.23 FPE on a 3150 psi fill with the reg still set at 2000 psi.

So hopefully I have given enough data to help you see what the Hill valve can do. If it were me though, I would want to wait for the new SS valve that is about to be released from Air Rifle Technologies. I am one of the lucky ones that was able to buy one of the prototypes to test out and keep. It is a balanced valve which requires much less hammer energy than the typical spring valves do for stock like cocking ease even with higher power tunes.

To compare the two valves, my current tune using the MKIIs with the new SS valve is giving me 24 shots averaging 55.92 FPE with a 2.08% ES (18 fps spread). I did another tune with the MKIIs which gave me 34 shots averaging 49.83 FPE within a 1.47% ES (12 fps spread). Both were on a 3200 psi fill.

The biggest difference besides the much better efficiency with the new SS valve is the easier cocking and less hammer spring needed. I use to use two hammer springs together with the Hill valve and now I just use one lighter spring even with more FPE. My gun is much quieter when shooting with the SS valve.

It is up to you which way you want to go, both are better than a stock setup. The SS balanced valve should be coming out fairly soon so you just have to keep checking the A.R.T. web site store.
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25 Synrod Regulated. Tuned using JSB MKIIs 33.95gr:
24 Shots @ 55.92 FPE Avg., ES 2.08% (18 FPS), 1.45 FPE/CI
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