Refurbished .22 Marauder

This area is dedicated to the .22 caliber Benjamin Marauder by Crosman.

Refurbished .22 Marauder

Postby Ahab » Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:17 am

Sure glad I got lucky. Bought mine as a refurb and it came in like new condition. Cleaned the barrel which had minimal crud and attached a Sun 2x7x32 AO scope set at 25 yards. Using my Benji pump I pumped it up to 2600# and took it outside to my front yard range. Using a black marker I drew a 1" dia. circle on a 2' x 3' cardboard and set it out against the berm at 25 yards. Set the rifle in a Case Guard rifle rest and adjusted it so the cross hairs were aligned with the center of the dot. Placed a Crosman Premier 14.3gr Domed pellet in the chamber and closed the bolt, (the pellet fit was nice and firm). Releasing the safety I took aim and gently pulled the trigger. A muted boing and a plop as the pellet hit the target, 6" low and exactly centered. Wow, this thing is quiet. I resighted the rifle on the pellet hole and dialed the scope up to center on the dot. Inserted another pellet, pulled the trigger and boing, plop, bullseye. Now that we are sighted in it's time to get serious. Went out and replaced the card board with a well used target. I inserted the ten round clip and 10 rounds later I have 1 ragged hole about 3/8" in diameter. No problem barrel here! :D
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Re: Refurbished .22 Marauder

Postby Motorhead » Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:03 pm

SaaaWeeeeT ... When ya got a good one it's hard to miss !
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