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Marauder Learning Center

The Marauder line of PCP air guns is a popular platform.  Mainly because of the caliber selection, and the ability to tune the guns performance.

Air Gun Plinkers

The marauder is a PCP air gun that fun and inexpensive to shoot. It can get many shots on a fill which means less times pumping and more time shooting. PCP airguns are much more accurate and easy to shoot than the springer type of airguns sold at the discount stores.


Hunting with an airgun is a quiet and cost effective to dispatch pests and small game. Since marauders have shrouded barrels, and shoot pellets below the speed of sound. They don't spook game the same way firearms do.

Bench Rest Target Shooting

Bench rest shooting competitions involve Shooting from a bench rest at targets

Field Target Shooting

Field target shooting is a challenging sport that will take your airgun shooting and obsession to a whole new level