Marauder Air Guns

Original Benjamin Marauder

The Marauder, a new PCP multi multi-shot, bolt-action rifle.

The Marauder is available in .177, .22 and .25 caliber. The Marauder features a hardwood or synthetic stock with ambidextrous raised comb and custom checkering, a choked and shrouded barrel that provides improved accuracy and ultra quiet operation, and a two-stage adjustable match grade trigger pack, with redesigned metal trigger. The Marauder, which weighs 7 lbs 8 oz and stretches 43 inches from end to end, also has a raised design aluminum breech that makes it easier to load and is grooved to accept 11 mm scope mounts. The innovative auto-indexing 10-round clip (on the marauder .22) provides for faster follow-up shots. The Marauder, like the Discovery, has a built-in pressure gauge to display the gun’s level of charge, and a quick-disconnect Foster fitting for easy filling. The .177 rifle produces up to 1,100 fps on compressed air, and the .22 rifle delivers up to 1,000 fps, according to the factory. Dual-Fuel technology allows the Marauder to operate on either compressed air, supplied by Benjamin’s patented hand pump, or from CO2. With a full charge of air at 2,000 psi the new multi-shot bolt-action rifle delivers a minimum of 35 to 45 consistently accurate shots with the factory setup