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Marauder Photos

Have pictures of the Marauder that you want to show off? Please log into the forum and post them (or links to them) under the photos section and they will show up here..

My toys ... ef52da.jpg

Benjamin Marauder 0.177 16J Regulated w. BSA 8-32x44 SWF

There is my gun:

Benjamin Marauder 0.177 16J Altaros Regulated w. BSA 8-32x44 SWF Custom


Strip and refinish factory stock


Picture test

Lets see if this works

Reworked original stock.

My Marauder .177 hunter with hand rubbed oil stock.

My Marauder 400 cc


JDS regulator + Theoben bottle

Five shots 25 meters, 10 mm

60 shots - Average 246 meters/second, about 806 feet /second with JSB Heavy 18.1 grains

My collection

Just wanted to show off my collection.





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